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  • Donjuan

    I never liked those mirrored closet doors till I put Erin on. 
    It is so nice to wake up with her.  She is life sized and seems like she is at the end of my bed.

    Trying to decide whcih girls will go on the other door.

  • Austin da male

    I have Elana doing proper layout technique on my back window

  • deland cowboy

    Erin, Elana and Debi heading home to deland, fl as the sun comes up.

  • Ariel & patti

    We are 2 lesbians and we love the pin up girls! 
    We put a lite frost film from wallpaper for windows outside and the girls on the inside.  Their sexy bodies make you feel good every time you walk in the bathroom.

    • misspinupgirl

      they really do look nice. thanks for sharing.
      And remember your favorite girl gets bonus points for having a person in the picture or you could send in a hot video of you and the girls in the tub. :-)

  • truck driver in love

    A girl has to look as good as melissa to ride in my truck.